Why book a photography workshop

Are you a photographer or aspiring to be a photographer and want to fast track your learning, then a workshop is for you! Hang on don't just go book the first workshop that you see or the cheapest, there are a few things to consider.

1. Is the workshop being held, right for me and my photography?

As a new photographer, you will have not found your genre yet as you are taking photos of everything and you might still be in auto mode. What I highly recommend to any new photographer is to head over to 500PX and look through the images and see what you like and what appeals to you. The reason I use 500px and not Instagram is that 500px is not driven by an algorithm. Also, 90% of users of 500px are very good photographers and as a photographer new or old you can look at an image and see how it was shot.

2. What will I learn in a workshop?

On my workshops, I always want to give value to all my patrons, keeping in mind that the majority of my workshops are Landscape or Seascape

In a 4 hour workshop I will cover the below,

  • Gear - What is the essential equipment that a landscape or seascape photographer needs, this not always camera gear, I also talk about clothing, food and hydration

  • Composition - What makes an excellent composition, how I look at a landscape for great composition, this does not always mean that you have to use the widest lens in your bag or on your phone

  • Light - How we see light and how the camera sees light and how to paint with light, this means that we might do some long exposure photography

3. Will I get 1-on-1 time with the instructor

This is one of the most important parts of any workshop in getting the 1-on-1 time with any instructor. I will spend 1-on-1 time with each one of my attendees, understanding what issues they are experiencing and then helping them. Once you have joined a workshop I am always available for questions that you may have months after the workshop.

I hope that this short blog has helped you better understand how a workshop can help you and your photography. If you would like to book a workshop or would like more information I am always free to discuss.

Up and coming workshops or contact me.

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