Settling the nerves and making you comfortable

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

In this brief mum and dad wanted to have a photo shoot with their three year old son, which seems quite simple, but there is a catch. He has a fear cameras as most kids do and when he see’s a camera he pretty much freezes or hears the word smile or say cheese. You can be reassured that I do not ask this from kids let alone adults, as a photographer it makes me uncomfortable.

My number one priority for the shoot was to make him comfortable in front of the camera as he had nursery photos coming up. First thing I did was on introduction I had my camera laying in the open so that he got comfortable seeing the camera in the room, before heading out to the woods for the shoot.

Once we had arrived on location, I took my camera out my bag and started carrying it without firing a single frame, this once again made him comfortable. When I felt that he was comfortable I asked him to start doing some activities always engaging with him and showing how great he is doing by showing him the images on the back of my camera.

While we walked and he ran through the forrest I made sure he was constantly engaged with us, including mum and dad, at all times I make my photo shoots as fun as possible. I had him doing some thing like jumping off logs, throwing leaves in the air and wealding a stick like a sword, make the session super fun. As we started getting to the end of the session I got mum, dad and son to do a few poses for those together photos. During this photo shoot I made sure that both mum and dad were engaged in the photos, if he saw mum and dad say no I do not want too, I can bet that he would have shut down as well.

At the end of the day we caught some great images as autumn starts to set in. Mum, dad and son were super happy with the out come from the shoot. This means that his fear is not a lot less than when we started the session.

If you would like to book a family session please do so here.

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