Don’t get comfortable with your gear!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

In this weeks blog I wanted to address getting comfortable with gear and this time it is a lens, in this case it is the 50mm 1.8 lens a cheap lens in the scheme of things.

Well what can I say about this little lens that has not been said before. The “nifty fifty” is this lens calling name and is used by many photographers and normally the first stepping stone for anyone getting into primes and wanting that creamy bokeh.

I unfortunately have a love/hate relationship with this lens, this will most probably come as a surprise to everyone and I will explain.

So why do I love this lens

I love this lens because of it’s versatility, usability, it is light, portable and very inconspicuous as a street photography lens. Just slap this lens on and this is all that you will need for a day of shooting giving great bokeh and sharp images at 1.8. For users coming from a standard kit lens this is a mind blowing update in their photography. The focal length that 50mm gives is what makes this lens so versatile. I can use this lens for portraits in a studio setting if I just don’t have room to step away from the subject. I would normally use this lens for corporate headshot session as I know I would be limited on space in a conference room where I have setup. Now take the lens outside and do environmental corporate shoot and you will provide your client consistent photos of focal lengths. Let’s just say that you not doing corporate work but rather prefer shooting landscapes then once again the 50mm gives you a great semi-zoomed landscape where you can call out certain pieces in the landscape. Because 50mm is the closest focal length to the human eye it does mean that when anybody looks at a 50mm photograph they will feel comfortable. But like I said this is a love/hate relationship.

So then why do I hate this lens?

The main reason why I hate this lens as it has made me a lazy photographer as this is my “go to” lens and I have really started to hate this as it does not challenge me enough. I have now gotten to a point that I now make the conscience decision to leave this lens at home so that I can use my other prime lenses to make me more open to taking striking photos. This weekend was a prime situation where I made the decision to shoot with my 85mm 1.8 to really change my style and break the comfort zone that I have found my self in and after about 4hrs I broke out the 50mm, yes I know I should have left this at home and I did not. I was a little upset that I had reached and started to shoot with it.

Whether you love or hate this lens or any piece of gear that you have it is vitally important for you to move out of your comfort zone.

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