Consequences of not hiring a wedding photographer!

In 2002 I married the love of my life, and 18 years later, we are still married and still very much in love. I wanted to tell you about one of the biggest regrets in my life to date.

The date set, the venue booked, guest list formed and invitation sent out. Everything was ready for the big day on the 10 August 2002. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before the wedding the venue that we had booked had become unavailable, and we needed to scurry around to find another venue, which we succeeded in doing!

The big day finally arrived and guests where arriving, I was dressed for the occasion and the bride and her bridesmaids were all ready and set. It was then that it dawned on me that we had not hired a professional wedding photographer we instead relied on family and friends to take the images. Our budget wouldn't allow for a professional photographer, we were more worried about the food, drink and that we had invited aunt Mildred my father's second cousins aunt's sister.

Not hiring a professional wedding photographer is still one of my BIGGEST regrets ever!! I want this article to serve as a forewarning to a newly engaged couple that is getting married, that if you cannot afford a decent wedding photographer, please reconsider who you are inviting, your food and drink to make the budget available for a wedding photographer.

If I had the chance to redo my wedding, this is what I would differently. Instead of inviting 100 people to the wedding, I would have 30 - 40 close family and friends, I would also not have an open bar. The money that I save from this I would hire a professional wedding photographer. I mean a true professional, I want someone that is doing this fulltime and not as a side hustle to bulk his or her monthly income.

An excellent wedding photographer will be about £2000. I know you thinking wow that is a lot of money! I know, but stick with me, and it will all make sense. It seems that in 2020 anyone that has a DSLR or mirrorless camera is a photographer. I see this on social media when I see someone is asking for recommendations for a photographer, and they come out in there droves.

When I tell a couple of my price, I get one of two reactions, one they are happy with the investment and the other they seem a little shocked and I sometimes get, well my brother has a camera, and he can take the photos. I quietly listen and then reply, oh that is nice, if that is the case, why have you come to see me today? Usually, the first thing that they would say is that they want an expert opinion. Right there, that is when I say, see this is what you are paying for, my expertise in making sure that I capture your day correctly and without disaster. I then ask them if your brother does shoot the wedding and the images do not come out as you anticipated, do you have the budget to redo the wedding or does he have insurance in place to allow for that? I always get a resounding NO

A few years after my wedding, I decided that photography is what I wanted to do. Naturally, for years I had done marketing, and I had shot quite a few weddings as a full-time wedding photographer before that. But my goal in 2020 my goal is to educate a couples on the importance of a wedding photographer as I would hate the same fate for them.

All the images on the blog are from my wedding!! Don't let this happen to you, no matter how cheap you want to go, you will regret it. Currently from my wedding I have 27 photos of this important day, below are all of them.

If you would like to find out more about my wedding packages feel free to contact me.

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