Are you creating enough video?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

As a business I often wonder if I am creating enough video on my own website and platforms, then I start thinking of my clients are they creating enough!

The world has this misconception that when it comes to video in the business space the video just needs to be around the business and brand, yes this can be true if you are Coke or Pepsi or Shell. But I think that if you are a small business less than 100 employees and you are trying to build a brand the best way is going to be creating video content.

Video has proven it does entertain people and keeps them engaged and I am not meaning that you need to put huge productions together for this, but working with a production company like ours and sending all the video that you have shot over the 12 - 24 months on your phone or other devices. We as the production company stitch your content together to create some great footage and tell the story. I think that everyone does forget that the video that you have shot on your phone is still 100% usable, it might be shaky, framed incorrectly, no budget, awful audio, bad light the list goes on, but that is still better than nothing. It is the editing that does make a huge difference in the video.

Not only do we do create a great video but we also work with clients that send us their footage that has been shot over the years. This means that you might not have the budget for a promo video but you can afford a few hundred pounds on editing that makes a huge saving when starting out.

Feel free to reach out to me and I can quote on getting this type of video created for you.

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