5 gimbal moves to improve video footage today

I wanna show you how I use a gimbal in 5 different ways to create epic b roll for commercial work and stick around to the end I have a bonus piece feature that you will love!

OPENING POINT: When you are shooting commercial work you want to make sure the your B Roll is smooth and professional looking, this brings me on to gimbal moves, for commercial work over the top transitions with your gimbal looks forced, the audience like it when these gimbal transitions from shot to shot are nice and smooth, think Hollywood movies the b roll gimbal transitions to tell the story are simple. Before you watch any further have you subscribed to the channel, remember to turn on notifications so that you get alerts when I upload my next video. Let get this video started.

SETTINGS Before we talk about the moves I want to talk about settings Shoot your footage at either 30 FPS/60 FPS or 120 fps 30fps for real time and slow down to 24fps will remove micro jitters 60 fps for nice half speed slow mo 120 fps for emphasising the slow mo So think of the shot you are wanting to achieve

1. DOLLY IN & DOLLY OUT ( also known as the push in and push out) DOLLY IN (AKA PUSH IN) for the opening sequence as this will draw your viewer in the the scene and captivate them. DOLLY OUT (AKA PUSH OUT) I always use this at the end of a my scene or video as I want the user to feel that we can leave the film/video or scene and move on. You can use manual or autofocus remember to lock of your subject in doing this, what if I don't have a follow focus, then you going to adjust your aperture so that everything is in focus.

2. THE REVEAL The reveal is used so much in Hollywood, but for good reason it adds suspense and drama. The standard reveal is almost always at eye level, I challenge you to try different heights and angles. Place you subject in frame and the reveal them. I would suggest that you use manual focus for this and then focus on your subject and then move to the reveal so that your camera does not hunt during the reveal.

3. UNDERSLUNG DOLLY IN/DOLLY OUT This gimbal move is great as you can only achieve this shot with either a steady/cam or a camera attached to your tripod upside down. This move really gets the viewer immersed in to the shot because of the parallax motion that is happening, the ground moving really fast as you dolly in towards your subject or dolly out

4. DOLLY IN/OUT & TILT UP/DOWN I tend to do this shot in an underslung manner where you can dolly in or out and the introduce a tilt. For this scenario I am dolly in to my subject while they are looking up so we can see the looking up and as we dolly in we start to tilt so that we can see what they are seeing Or if they are looking out and there is a drop in front of them we can dolly in or out and tilt down, to immerse the viewer.

5. PARALLAX This is a great technique used in Hollywood and by creatives, This where you have a moving foreground, moving middle section and moving background. SO how do we pull this off. The foreground will move with you moving or a moving subject like a car, your subject will be in the middle an that is what you will be tracking the subject will move slower than the foreground, with tracking the subject your background will be moving as well, but a slower speed dependant on the distance the subject is from the background. For the best effect on this you will want to use a long focal lens that your gimbal can support. My Ronin can support my 90mm or 85mm, if you have a larger gimbal a 135mm or 200mm lens would be perfect.

BONUS : JIB EXTENDED As This will need a second person to operate the app for the gimbal or if you want to keep tithings simple just keep the shot static. What you will need is a monopod or an extension that you can add to your gimbal. Start your shot low and track up but you will need to have your gimbal in the pan follow mode for the best results, what you can do is that can introduce a drone make the effect even more emphasised.

CONCLUSION I hope that have enjoyed this video and that this will help you create some amazing footage. These 6 moves will make your footage more cinematic and remember what I said at the beginning of the video about the commercial transitions, dont go over the top. If you would like to see a video on commercial transitions leave a comment below. Wanna do me a huge favour hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so that you can get alerts of when new videos are uploaded. Give this video a massive thumbs up if you liked it, comment if you learnt something. Till next time!

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